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Student loan borrowers have reason for hope

Student loan debt is now the largest debt burden owed in the country by Americans. This has been a hardship on millions of families for years.  For people who wanted to get out from under the large amounts, there has been very few options available as its practically...

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Telemarketer Harassment Law Breakdown

Telemarketer Harassment Law Breakdown The Law Office of The Law Office of Earl. P. Underwood, LLC has put together an in-depth breakdown on the Telephone Communication Privacy Act (TCPA). This law can be complicated. We breakdown the law in simple to understand terms....

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Bank of America will have to pay for Robocalls

  Bank of America will need to pay more than $1 million to a Florida couple for five years of continuously robocalling them despite written and verbal requests to stop, Consumerist reported on Thursday. When the housing bubble burst, the Tampa, Florida-area...

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After months of stalling, digging in and not taking the government seriously on its threats, it appears Bank of America (BOA) is ready to pay for its sale of toxic mortgage securities prior to the financial crisis that hit the United States starting in 2008.  The...

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