Dalton vs. Cardwork Services, LLC – $100,000.00

Federal District Court – Southern District of Alabama


Our firm filed a class action lawsuit against Cardwork Services LLC for its violations under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Specifically, the class claimant, Mrs. Dalton, received a debt collector notice that failed to provide particular language pursuant to the Section 1692(g) of the statute.

The language informed the Plaintiff that she could only dispute the alleged debt by “writing” to Cardworks, and failed to notify her that she could use other methods of communications, such as a phone call or fax. This would have detered certain class members from disupting a debt they may not have owed.

The notice was inaccurate and misleading and failed to comply with the FDCPA statutory language. After the class action was filed, a settlement was reached on behalf of the class members and a total amount of settlement for the class including attorney fees was around $100,000.00.