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Our firm focuses on protecting the rights of individuals who have been wronged or injured by filing individual or class action cases. The following information is solely provided to give you a general idea of the law under Consumer Class Action. If you believe you need a lawyer or need further information, call our office in Fairhope  or click here.

What is a Class Action Case?

Our firm has filed many class action cases generally against mortgage lenders, banks, debt collectors and other corporations.  A class action is generally a superior method to bring a recovery to individuals that have been affected by the wrongs of a corporation. Our firm focuses on those classes that deal with mostly with consumer protection statutes.

Why Class Action Cases?

If you as a consumer were overcharged for a service, or failed to receive notice of your rights under a specific statue that protects consumers, the damages may be minimal to you as an individual.  It would be impractical and costly to bring an individual claim for a few hundred dollars of damages.  However, if that corporation has taken this action against thousands of people or more, then the problem becomes wide spread.

Now, not only are you damaged, even though a small amount, the corporation is getting away with making millions of dollars illegally if not more by harming each individual, even if it only means a few dollars per person.  Therefore, when such a harm takes place, a class action can be filed against the corporation for its violation of a specific statute or relating to some other type of harm.

If you believe you have been a victim of a bank, mortgage company, debt collector or other corporation on a small scale, it may be impractical to bring an individual claim, but you may be a member of a larger class of people.

Attorneys at Underwood & Riemer have extensive experience in consumer class action claims. If you believe you need a lawyer or need further information, call our office in Fairhope or click here.